British Brewing Company

Come on in and make yourself at home in your neighbourhoods', BB Company. We at BB Company are passionate people with a British twist. We serve only the best of local and international beers, spirits and wines paired with freshly prepared simple un pretentious food sprinkled with a little bit of love.

Who We Are
"In Great Britain, your “local” pub, bar, restaurant is the center of town life: a place to relax, meet friends and family, refuel the body and the spirit, share news and be entertained and reconnect in an unhurried and welcoming atmosphere. BB Company has been delivering that same atmosphere and service for generations. Our eclectic menu, unparalleled beer and cocktail choices, and an array of music nightly, make BB Company the local destination for English pub-style fun, food relaxation and refreshment. Whether it’s a business lunch, an after work get-together, a family dinner in friendly surroundings, or a late night soirée of great music over pints with friends, come visit your new “local” today."

The British Brewing Company is said to have been formed in Hampstead, north west of London. It produced beer for the citizens of London and soon developed a reputation for its quality. Sir David Herald, the founder, then decided to open the doors of their brewery’s in-house restaurant and café to Londoners, to let them sample their great beer with freshly made food and of course the legendary British Hospitality. Somewhere relaxed where people could mingle in a welcoming atmosphere, a place where everyone knew their name.
Since then we have been living with the same principle and delivering the same experience all around England. The British Brewing Company is inspired by the Café Racer movement.

Café Racer Movement
What is the Café Racer Movement?
It is perhaps the most influential motorcycle movement the world has ever seen. Born in the streets of England in the 1950s, its culture still thrives around the globe. There will never be another motorcycle—or rider—quite like it. And yet, most of us have never heard of the café racer.

In the 1950s, motorcycles were primarily used for everyday transportation. But then came Rock and Roll and the rebellious youth that took claim of this new musical style needed a special type of bike. The goal of many of the cafe racers was to reach the coveted ‘ton’ or a speed of 100mph while traveling from one transport café to another. Often the challenge at London’s famous Ace Café on North Circular Road was ‘record racing’. Averaging a ton, after selecting a Rock and Roll song on the jukebox, the racer would jump on the bike, zoom down the bypass, hit the roundabout and race back before the song was done playing.

BB Company till this day has the elements of Rock and Roll, Motor Cycles and Racing instilled in its DNA.

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